Engage with your guests wherever they are with smart, easy to understand virtual events.

Each event page is lovingly handcrafted to represent your brand and identity as best we can while your event guests are greeted with an easy to navigate ‘un complicated’ event universe.

• Free to air  | Partner your event up with a live stream that leaves your audience feeling like they are valued. Participants are invited to view the event via a dedicated link where they can view the event while exploring rich information.

• Register to view | Capture valuable information by asking your guests to enter their details before they can enter the event page. Information is automatically stored and collated for later retrieval after the event finishes.

• Pay per view | Earn valuable revenue with pay per view ticketing. You have the option of issuing your own individual passwords to your guests, or let us engage a simple but effective automated pay-per-view ticketing system. Payments are secure and the stream employs the latest anti copying and sharing technologies.

watchlive.watch lives on a scalable global server designed to handle large load surges – typical of what we experience at the beginning of a live event. We can ‘ramp up’ servers as we need to mitigate against site slow-downs for popular events.

Have a personal event that doesn’t suit the razzamataze of watchlive.watch – please visit our sister site familystream.watch which caters for bespoke personal and private events.

We work hard to give your guests the best experience we can!

We realise that no two events are the same .. and no two venues are the same. Stream paths are complex .. but we have your back.

Have your own coverage company? No problems. Let us work with them to fine tune delivery of your event to our platform.

Every event comes with live technical support.

watchlive.watch is owned and operated by SHOWVISION New Zealand Ltd. A production company with 35 years experience in the Television Broadcast and Events industries.

We understand live coverage like we understand the back of our hands!

If you need unique ‘broadcast rocket grade coverage’ of your live event we would love to talk to you.

Please give us a holler on using the contact form below.

Look forward to hearing from you!

if you would like to learn more, let’s have a chat.

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