Rangi Ruru Girl’s School – Prize Giving 2022

When you support Rangi Ruru you not only support the Gibson sisters’ vision for quality girls’ education, you also support the next generation of leaders, changemakers, artists, eco-warriors, dreamers and innovators.


Before Ceremony                                          

Jazz Band Playing on stage from 6pm, Directed by Lana Law 

Slideshow of the year at Rangi Ruru  

Kapa Haka                       

Karanga, Haka Pōwhiri, School Haka, Rangi Ruru e, tutored by Sherrilee Herangi-Harrison 

National Anthem                                             

Prayer, Rev Phyllis Harris, Moderator of the Alpine Presbytery 

Welcome and Board Report, Board Chair Nicki Carter 

School Hymn                                                    

Junior Prize Giving                                          

Year 7 – 10 Prizes, Read by Deputy Principal Stephanie Barnett ,Presented by Board Chair Nicki Carter  

Elite Dance Company                              

Disco Inferno, Composed by Leroy Green & Ron Kersey, Choreographed by Hannah Mansfield 

Principal’s Address, Dr Sandra Hastie 

Following Dr Hastie’s address the waiata Ka Waiata will be sung to support her kōrero. Please feel free to join the waiata.  

Head of Boarding Remarks, Millie Bushell 

Head of School Remarks, Maggie Craw 

Senior Prize Giving                                         

Year 11 and 12 prizes, Read by Year 11 Dean Nadja Zeitheim and Year 12 Dean Jon Kimber. Presented by PTA President Claire Sparks and RROGA Representative


Northern Lights – Ola Gjeilo, Directed by Helen Charlton 

Senior Prize Giving (cont)                            

Year 13 Prizes, Read by Year 13 Dean Kirsty Bell. Presented by the Principal Dr Sandra Hastie 

Rangi Sinfonia                                                

Bacchanale (from Samson and Delilah), Composed by Saint Saëns, arranged by Merle Isaac.Directed by Janet Kingsbury  

Gold Braid Awards, Read by the Principal Dr Sandra Hastie,Presented by Year 13 Dean Kirsty Bell 

Year 13 Leavers’ Slideshow. A Sky Full of Stars, Performed by Coldplay 

Benediction, Rev Phyllis Harris, Moderator of the Alpine Presbytery 


Toccata, from Symphony No 5 in F – Widor, Organist – Martin Setchell 

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