Wednesday 17 August

Dr Hillary Bennett, Director, Leading Safety

WorkSafe supports mentally healthy work by taking a wide view across the whole workforce; by recording and collecting data about psychosocial risks and exposures and their outcomes, and by providing guidance for workers and for PCBUs. In this session, Dr John Fitzgerald will present the latest data that is guiding the regulator’s thinking and discuss the exposures workplaces in Aotearoa are currently facing.

Dr John FitzgeraldManager – Mentally Healthy Work, WorkSafe

Enabling wellbeing is becoming a core leadership capability for CEOs and senior leaders, one the underpins their own and their organisations’ performance. What’s true for air travel – make sure to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others – is also true for wellbeing. In order to meet your obligation to prevent harm and protect wellbeing at work, you first need to safeguard your own wellbeing. So, how do you assess work wellness at a senior level? How do you help them to thrive, so everyone thrives?

Keri Woods, Consultant, Leading Safety

When wellbeing is at the core of a business the business will reap the rewards. In this session Workplace Psychologist Jay Barrett interviews P^werFinance Chief People Officer Dean Curtis on how they are innovating and leading the way with wellbeing and the importance of doing wellbeing in a way that fits your culture. They will discuss the strategy they took, measurement and the interventions that were important to their people.

Jay Barrett, Psychologist, The Effect and Dean Curtis, Chief People Officer, P^werFinance

What are the psychological and pragmatic challenges arising when working in such a complex organisation with varied levels of psychosocial risk, including front line ambulance. Adele will discuss moving focus from fixing the individual to a broader organisational approach to worker wellbeing. What this means for large multi-service workplaces and St John’s effort to address work design to develop and create mentally healthy work. This isn’t linear, it’s not a quick fix and everyone is always on board….Adele will walk you through St John’s journey thus far, the wins, the frustrations and the learnings.

Adele SaundersManager Wellbeing & Psychological Services, St John

Dr Rebecca Michalak, Managing Director, PsychSafe (Australia via ZOOM)

In this presentation Bridget Jelley will show what true leadership commitment to mental health looks like in the workplace. Bridget spends time with Patrick Lynch from Waikato Regional Council and the journey leadership has been on to date with regards to leading a mentally healthy workplace. Bridget will explore with Patrick how leadership got on board with mental health and what preventative measures they have put in place to protect their people in particular their successful mental health first aid initiative.

Bridget Jelley, Workplace Psychologist, The Effect and Patrick Lynch, Compliance Manager, Waikato Regional Council

The challenge faced by the University of Auckland was to find a way senior medical students on clinical placement could safely report bullying, discrimination or harassment, as well as areas of excellence. The solution was the introduction of HOTSPOTS, a twice-yearly anonymous survey and feedback system. Dr Fiona Moir will share details on the initiative including how the data is used to address potential areas of concern so students on placement are provided with safe and productive working environments.

Dr Fiona MoirPastoral Care Chair and Wellbeing lead at the medical school, University of Auckland

After learning about the Forum and Leading Safety’s Mental Wellbeing by Design process in their Protecting Mental Wellbeing at Work Guide, the team at Frucor Suntory got stuck in and ran it with their health and safety reps across New Zealand. Louise Trevella will talk you through how they ran the diagnostic process and what surprised them about what factors were both protecting and harming their people. Kate Wright from the Forum will briefly touch on experiences from other organisations who are now using the process, and showcase a new digital tool to bring scale and support to organisations keen to start work to understand the work-related mental wellbeing factors that could be harming or protecting their people.

Louise TrevellaHealth, Safety and Wellbeing Specialist, Frucor and Kate Wright, Engagement Manager, Business Leaders’ Health & Safety Forum

Dr Hillary Bennett, Director, Leading Safety

Helping workers thrive

For workers to thrive and reach their full potential with the least exposure to harm, we need to create work and workplaces that focuses on the physical, emotional and psychological needs of workers. This is even more pertinent in times of change and uncertainty.

By treating risks to worker health and wellbeing in the same way as other business risks, buy-in becomes easier and initiatives become more comprehensive and ultimately more successful.

The 7th HealthyWork Conference brings together health, safety, wellbeing, HR and management professionals from across NZ for a day where we turn the theory of wellbeing into practice.

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We hope you enjoy the conference.

The Thomson Reuters Events Team

Dr Rebecca Michalak
Managing Director, PsychSafe (Australia via zoom)
Dr Michalak is a specialist risk manager, with niche expertise in psychosocial hazard and risk factor analytics including likelihood of psychological injury (disease) and injury foreseeability, prosecution risk profiling and comparative benchmarking, psychological health and safety culture maturity assessment, and PCBU strategic mindset and performance indicator review. She brings together OSH risk management (including ISO45003), strategic HRM, and ESG / corporate governance. Leveraging a uniquely transdisciplinary experience background and formal qualification base, Dr Rebecca Michalak’s expert opinion, expert advisory, and analyst activities involve evidence- informed, critical evaluation of management and leadership, HR, and OSH practices, including but not limited to the extent to which relevant safe systems of work are implemented in line with ISFAIRP / ALARP considerations, national guidance material, and Codes of Practice, the degree to which duty of care requirements are met, and management action is reasonable and undertaken reasonably. She can also offer opinion on concomitant adverse actions, Stop Bullying applications and orders, Stop Sexual Harassment applications and Orders, unfair dismissal including constructive dismissal, and reasonable additional hours per the National Employment Standards.
Dr Hillary Bennett
Director, Leading Safety
Dr Hillary Bennett is a director of Leading Safety, a consultancy specialising in safety leadership, safety culture, human factors, and workplace health and safety. She is a registered psychologist and works with organisations across all sectors to develop safe and healthy workplaces. She has a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing at work. She developed the Business Leaders Forum’s CEOs Guide to ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work’. Dr Bennett has been exploring how to apply Safety-ll principles to enable and support workplace wellbeing. Hillary was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the New Zealand Health and Safety Awards 2019.
Adele Saunders
Manager Wellbeing & Psychological Services, St John
Adele is a Registered Psychologist, who started her career working with individuals presenting with complex issues relating to their experiences of trauma. With over 18 years of experience, Adele has provided therapeutic intervention for individuals and families as well as developing staff and organisations through coaching, education and supervision. Adele currently works for St John as their Manager of Psychological Health and Wellbeing, where she is responsible for developing and implementing a robust mental health and wellbeing strategy in this high-risk organisation. This has meant that in the last few years Adele has been closely involved in supporting the St John Ambulance staff following major incidents such as the Christchurch Mosque attacks, the Whakaari eruption and more recently the COVID-19 Pandemic response.
Bridget Jelley
Director and Workplace Psychologist, Glia
Bridget is a registered Psychologist and one of the very few Coaching Psychologists here in NZ. Her passion is in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of professionals and senior executives so that they can help their workforces to thrive. Bridget’s applies her skills in psychology to the field of business enabling those who work with her to really extend themselves and reach their goals. She is experienced in educating leaders on mental health in the workplace, building resilience, assessing psychological health, professional supervision and psychological risk management. Warning, Bridget is not your typical Psychologist!
Dr Fiona Moir
Pastoral Care Chair & Wellbeing Lead at Medical School, University of Auckland
Dr Fiona Moir is a Senior Lecturer and divides her time between the Auckland Medical Programme, (where she is responsible for pastoral care of students and the wellbeing curriculum), and her private education business, Connect Communications, which specialises in communication, supervision, and wellbeing training. Connect was established in 2001 and works with national health professional bodies such as the Medical Council of New Zealand, the New Zealand Pharmaceutical Society, the Veterinary Council of New Zealand, and the New Zealand Dental Association. Fiona’s background is in General Practice, and her PhD is in student wellbeing. In 2018, she won the University of Auckland Vice-Chancellors Excellence Award for Health, Safety and Wellbeing. She has co-designed and led HOTSPOTS, the anti-bullying initiative which won the Collaboration category in the New Zealand Work Health and Safety Awards, 2022. She has published widely and regularly presents at plenary sessions or runs workshops at academic conferences, as well as working with industry groups across New Zealand and Australia.
Jay Barrett
Psychologist, Glia
Jay’s passion is helping organisations and individuals connect with productive and helpful goal-oriented behaviours. Using evidence-based tools to guide his approach, he aims to enhance the capabilities of organisations by developing their culture, health, and safety. Jay pulls his knowledge from a range of areas. Coming from a competitive background in professional downhill mountain biking and skippering commercial super yatchs, Jay now works with some of the world's elite high performers on their psychological performance and how they manage psychosocial risks. Jay is a Registered Psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologists Board and holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. Jay has experience with small-large businesses, large corporate environments and individuals wanting to simply get the best out of their day to day.
Dr John Fitzgerald
Manager Mentally Healthy Work, WorkSafe
Dr John Fitzgerald, leads the team at WorkSafe focused on Mentally Healthy Work. He is a NZ Registered Psychologist within the Clinical Scope of Practice, who has worked in adult mental health; alcohol/drug services; and child & family psychological health. Prior to joining WorkSafe, John was a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at Massey University.
Keri Woods
Consultant, Leading Safety
Keri Woods is a facilitator and consultant at Leading Safety, with a background in HR, organisational psychology, counselling, and executive coaching. Keri is also an accredited Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey practitioner. Leading Safety specialises in health and safety leadership and culture, including mental wellbeing in the workplace. Leading Safety works closely with the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, which brings together business and government leaders committed to improving the performance of workplace health and safety in New Zealand.

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