Tuesday 21 June 2022

Phil Parkes, Chief Executive, WorkSafe

SIDNEY DEKKER, the originator of Safety Differently, is pleased that this way of thinking (similar to Safety-II) is taking off in New Zealand. But what about the context? In this keynote presentation he will argue that without also implementing a Restorative Just Culture, your efforts will not be fully rewarded.

 Professor Sidney Dekker, Griffith University (AUSTRALIA) via zoom

Api Poutasi, Head of Health, Worksafe New Zealand

Benjamin HemiHealth & Safety Advisor, Tainui Group Holdings.

Supported by Te Roopu Marutau o Aotearoa

“History has shown us that failure has always happened and therefore will continue to happen, but it’s how you respond to that failure that really matters.  Building a psychologically safe environment helps our people create innovative solutions to the challenges we face at work” says Rob Kirkwood, an early adapter of Safety Differently. Rob, and Managing Director Geoff Bourke, will share the Energyworks story, how taking an innovative approach to the way work is done has become business as usual, and the importance of understanding the people behind the metrics

Rob Kirkwood, Organisational Performance Manager and Geoff Bourke, Managing Director, Energyworks

Change can be argued as being core to health & safety, as we are in the business of continuous improvement for the benefit of those we are here to serve. Trouble is, most organisations are so terrible at change that it is known to be one of the main contributors to poor employee psychological health. Organisations are often driven by the belief that change is something to be ‘managed’ from the top down. Amanda will explore why that is and what you can do to flip things on their head, re-imagining how we design and accelerate change in workplaces to help people, organisations and communities to truly thrive.

Amanda ClementsFounding Director at The Collective Lab + Group HSE Manager, Strategy & Wellbeing at Mirvac (AUSTRALIA)

Applying their innovative mindset to health & safety, Gallagher disrupted the H&S committee to drive worker engagement and safer outcomes. The team will share their journey to date: the why; the how; the benefits; and the longer-term impact of using innovation processes to solve future work problems.

 Ian McGrath, Group Executive: Risk & Responsibility and Richard Downey, Group Health & Safety Coordinator, Gallagher Group

In the context of health & safety, how can we best honour the legacy of Helen Kelly?

Hon Michael Wood, Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety

Wednesday June 22 2022

This session will cover an overview of ACC’s health and safety impact investment fund, the investments we have made, and the type of companies that we are looking to work with.

Aaron Tregaskis, Investment Managers Private Markets, ACC

**note: due to the nature of this breakfast network event, the time of the keynote address may differ to that scheduled.

Adam Jennings, Head of Business Partnerships, ACC

We know risks to health cause more harm than injury risks, but we still struggle to put health in the spotlight. OLIVIA RYAN challenges us to place health firmly on management’s radar by changing the language we use to talk about it and by extending its scope to strategic level.

Olivia Ryan, People & Process Integration Independent Consultant (AUSTRALIA)

During this interactive session, ACC’s panel of experts in the field of injury prevention and business partnerships will discuss and share data and insights on:

  • The high rate of injuries that are happening outside of work that might be impacting your business
  • The important role employers play to support staff recovering at work following an injury

The panel will also be joined by one of ACC’s Workplace Injury Prevention Grant recipients, The Cause Collective, who will share details about the project they delivered providing injury prevention solutions for Māori, Pacifica, and migrant workers.

Isaac Carlson, Head of Injury Prevention, ACC

Adam Jennings, Head of Business Partnerships, ACC

Duane Mann, Strategic Relationship Manager, The Cause Collective

Health and safety is an outcome of the way work is designed and carried out. Leaders have considerable influence over this, both within and outside their organisation, across their supply chains, sectors and nationally. They need to build cultures that enable people and businesses to thrive.

Chair: Francois Barton, Executive Director, Business Leaders’ Health & Safety Forum

PanelChelydra Percy, CEO, BRANZKim Ballinger CEO, AsureQuality and Andrew McLeod CEO, NorthPower

Uli Thie believes the HSR role isn’t something you can do successfully during a lunch break. He took on the role to have an official voice on safety and to build engagement with students to bring their perspectives into workshop H&S planning. Uli believes reps are the connection between the people on the ground and the people making the decisions and that you can resolve a lot of issues quickly if you just involve your reps. Uli shares his journey to date and the unexpected opportunities from being an HSR.

Uli ThieTechnical Demonstrator, School of Design, Massey University (and winner of the H&S Rep category at the New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2021)

In this session, Psychologist Clive Lloyd will make the case for changing from more traditional compliance-focused approaches to evidence-based practices common to high-performing teams.

The session provides an overview of the research, as well as case studies demonstrating the links between Psychological Safety, employee trust and physical safety.

Clive LloydPsychologist and Principal Consultant, GYST Consulting (AUSTRALIA via zoom)

Each of us has a story about who we are, where we come from and where we are going. But how do our stories influence our mental health and wellbeing? Jehan Casinader joins us today to offer a fresh perspective on mental health, and teach us how we can create a healthy, hopeful story for our own lives and become the author of our own stories.

Jehan Casinader, Storyteller and Mental Health Advocate

At the 2021 Safeguard Conference we encouraged you to bounce forward from a challenging year; to deliberately learn about work and to adapt, survive and thrive.

This year as we live and work in the new normal, we further explore the role health and safety plays in ensuring workers flourish and the importance of trust in creating a psychologically safe culture.

We are excited to bring the health and safety community together for two days of learning and networking at the 2022 Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference. Join us as we explore the theme Connection – Culture – Care.

Please use the Q&A function on the right to send through your questions to the MC.

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We hope you enjoy the conference.

The Thomson Reuters Events Team

Dekker Dekker
Griffith University
Sidney Dekker (PhD Ohio State University, USA, 1996) is Professor and Director of the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, and Professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University in the Netherlands. Sidney has lived and worked in seven countries across four continents and won worldwide acclaim for his groundbreaking work in human factors and safety. He coined the term ‘Safety Differently’ in 2012, which has since turned into a global movement for change. It encourages organizations to declutter their bureaucracy and provide people freedom-in-a-frame to make things go well—and to offer compassion, restoration and learning when they don’t. An avid piano player and pilot, he has been flying the Boeing 737 for an airline on the side. Sidney is bestselling author of, most recently: Foundations of Safety Science; The Safety Anarchist; The End of Heaven; Just Culture; Safety Differently; The Field Guide to Understanding ‘Human Error’; Second Victim; Drift into Failure; Patient Safety and his latest: Compliance Capitalism. He has co-directed the documentaries ‘Safety Differently,’ 2017; ‘Just Culture,’ 2018, ’The Complexity of Failure,’ 2018, and ‘Doing Safety Differently,' 2019. Stanford has ranked Sidney among the world’s top 2% most influential scientists: his work has over 15500 citations and an h-index of 53. More at sidneydekker.com
Clements Clements
Founding Director at the Collective Lab + Group HSE Manager Strategy & Wellbeing at Mirvac
A recognised thought leader in her field often described as an 'out of the box' thinker, Amanda’s mission is to help great teams do extraordinary things. Taking a human centred approach and fusing the latest in evidence-based research from multiple disciplines along with a curious mind, Amanda turns theory into practical applications that increase performance, improve quality of life, and have greater impact. With over 17 years’ experience in high-risk industries, Amanda is currently the Group Health, Safety & Environment Manager, Strategy & Wellbeing at Mirvac, an award-winning Australian property group who reimagine urban life by creating beautiful homes, inspiring workplaces and thriving communities. Amanda is also the Founding Director of The Collective Lab, an innovation hub that ignites positive change in workplaces. They connect pioneers, change-makers, and thought leaders to re-imagine work as we know it, by giving life to cutting-edge research and applying ground-breaking solutions so people and organisations can thrive. Coming in not too far behind her impressive career, Amanda considers surviving ‘step-mum status’ to two teenage boys, climbing some of the world’s most beautiful mountains and not drinking coffee as just a few of her greatest achievements. More at amandaclements.co
Olivia Ryan
People & Process Integration Independent Consultant
Olivia Ryan is an experienced professional with over 20 years’ experience in fields where ‘People’ are the solution - Leadership & Culture Change, Change Management, EHS and ICT, both in Australia and internationally. She has had a diverse career that has evolved from operational, project, and consulting environments, creating opportunities and diving in with curiosity, courage and creativity. Olivia has worked across many industries including mining, construction, government, transport, health and education. When it comes to the topic of ‘Health’, she has first-hand experience at both ends of the health management spectrum; from working as a podiatrist and industrial paramedic in her early career, to setting up health services in her roles as HSE manager in West Africa, working with Government departments auditing and providing advice on WHS related legislation, and more recently working with Boards and Executive teams to reframe ‘Health’ within Health & Safety. She believes investing time in understanding people and their context is the key to designing and implementing effective and sustainable change at any level. Olivia now chooses to share her time across multiple passions; as a business owner creating people programs & change consultant, mentoring/coaching, and creating and showing her Art.
Lloyd Lloyd
Psychologist and Principal Consultant, GYST Consulting (Australia)
Clive F. Lloyd is an Australian Psychologist specialising in Safety Leadership and Culture development. He was recently named among the top 5 Global thought leaders and influencers on Health and Safety by Thinkers360.  He is co-owner of, and Principal Consultant with GYST Consulting Pty Ltd and developer of the acclaimed Care Factor Program.  Clive has spent the last 20 years assisting organisations to improve their safety performance by developing trust and psychological safety and doing Safety Differently.  He has worked with global mining, oil & gas, construction and utilities companies in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Singapore, China, UAE, PNG, KSA, the United Kingdom and Costa Rica.  He is the author of Amazon #1 best-selling book “Next Generation Safety Leadership: From Compliance to Care”. Clive’s background is in clinical and coaching psychology. He has over 30 years of coaching experience working with people in all levels of management and leadership (from the boardroom to the shop floor).
Phil Parkes
Chief Executive, WorkSafe
Taking up the role in 2020, Phil has held several leadership positions at WorkSafe since 2014. Phil’s previous role was Chief Operating Officer, leading our Operations Group of over 300 employees, including High Hazards, Energy and Public Safety, Health and Safety Innovation, Operational Excellence, our General Inspectorate, Specialist Interventions, and Health and Technical Services. Phil also brings extensive regulatory and leadership experiences from previous roles in local and central government in New Zealand and the UK. Phil joined WorkSafe from the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority. He was General Manager Policy and Legal, leading the implementation of a new regulatory framework for environmental effects of off-shore petroleum and mineral activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone. Phil has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Health and an MSc in Environmental Management and has completed an executive leadership course with Mt Eliza Business School.
Api Api
Head of Health, WorkSafe New Zealand
Api is of Samoan heritage, and has a background in policy, public health, illness prevention, health promotion, regulation and engaging with Pasifika. He is currently the Head of Health at WorkSafe New Zealand and is committed to improving outcomes in workplace health and safety.
Benjamin Benjamin
Health & Safety Advisor, Tainui Group Holdings and member Te Roopu Marutau O Aotearoa 
Benjamin is a motivated, resourceful professional who brings more than 25 years’ experience in event, operational and health and safety management. Benjamin describes himself as dedicated, loyal and driven, committed to achieving what’s expected and ensuring that everything is done, professionally, appropriately and effectively. Above all, he values honesty, integrity and being a man of his word. Benjamin will also introduce TRMA on the day, the people involved, their purpose and how they can help you.  
Geoff Bourke
Managing Director, Energyworks
Geoff has civil engineering degree jointly from the University of Canterbury and the University of British Columbia. He spent a number of years in horizontal and vertical infrastructure before joining the energy sector ten years ago. His civil experience coupled with six years with an upstream exploration & production company in Taranaki gives Geoff a breadth of experience that spans from the coalface to the boardroom. Geoff is passionate about growing capacity through knowledge sharing and ensuring that information is communicated through a medium that is congruent to the audience.
Rob Kirkwood
Organisational Performance Manager, Energyworks
Rob joined Energyworks in 2013 as HSE Manager before taking up the role of Organisational Performance Manager in 2020 and oversees our operational and QHSE systems, processes and ISO certification. Rob was an early adopter of the Safety Differently and Human and Organisational Performance approaches to workplace wellbeing, culture, occupational and psychological safety. Rob’s previous experience of working as an Alpine Guide and Outdoor Safety Specialist in New Zealand, Europe and Antarctica laid the foundation for Rob’s role in risk management, leadership and Occupational Health and Safety.
Ian McGrath
Group Executive Risk & Responsibility, Gallagher
In his current role as Risk and Responsibility Executive, Ian is responsible for leading Gallagher’s sustainable business initiatives and promoting the effective management of enterprise risk and strategy execution. Building on a foundation of over a decade of work experience in covert intelligence and investigation in the UK, he shares over 25 years of professional leadership experience gained across the private, public and education sector. Joining Gallagher in May 2018, Ian successfully delivered a strategic approach to the improving maturity of our organisation and implemented a unique philosophical perspective that underpinned a very practical and collaborative approach to improvement initiatives.
Richard Downey
Group Health & Safety Business Partner, Gallagher
With a recent transition to Group Health & Safety Business Partner, Richard is now responsible for the transition of Gallagher into an engagement focussed Safety 2.0 mindset. His work should see the business’ focus on H&S shift from a traditional mindset to one focussed on ‘Better Work Outcomes’. Coming into the business in 2013 as a Supply Chain intern, his role has evolved continuously over the past 9 years. Reflecting the past 5 years of work starting as H&S Administrator, into H&S Coordinator, his work shows the growth in maturity of both himself and the organisation.
Rebecca Macfie
award-winning journalist and writer
In a 34-year career in journalism, Rebecca Macfie has worked as a senior writer for New Zealand Listener and for The New Zealand Herald publication The Business, as editor and deputy editor of Unlimited, and contributed to several other publications. She is the recipient of more than 20 journalism awards, including the Wolfson Press Fellowship in 2017. She is the author of Helen Kelly: Her Life, published by Awa Press in 2021, and Tragedy at Pike River Mine: How and why 29 men died, published by Awa in 2013 (now into its ninth edition). She is a currently a contributing writer for North & South and Newsroom. She lives in Christchurch; several of her New Zealand Listener articles on that city’s major earthquakes were published as a BWB Text in April 2013.
Aaron Tregaskis
Investment Manager Private Markets, ACC
Aaron is an Investment Manager within the ACC Private markets investment team, focussing on impact investment in private companies.  Aaron has over 20 years’ experience in the NZ private equity and venture capital market and previously was an Investment Director at the New Zealand Venture Capital Fund Limited, where he oversaw a $200 million portfolio of early stage company investments.
Isaac Carlson
Head of Injury Prevention, ACC
Isaac joined ACC in 2007. He’s passionate about helping all people in New Zealand to live a full and thriving life, free from the burden of injury. As the Head of Injury Prevention Isaac is responsible for a team of 70 people. Previously Isaac held the role of Injury Prevention Portfolio Manager for Sport, where he developed partnerships across the sport sector to establish ACC SportSmart and associated prevention programmes. He also has experience across a number of areas at ACC including business services, front line operations and sensitive claims.
Adam Jennings
Head of Business Partnerships, ACC
Adam is the Head of Business Partnerships and responsible for ACC’s 500,000 plus business customers. He joined ACC over eight years ago and his journey at ACC so far has seen him hold several roles throughout the organisation including Product Owner; Manager Strategy, Performance and Planning; Manager Strategic Integration and most recently, Acting Head of Business Partnerships.   Prior to his time at ACC, Adam spent over five years at Inland Revenue specialising in the general taxation and business rules areas. Adam is also currently in the final stages of completing the Executive Master of Business Administration. 
Duane Mann
Strategic Relationship Manager, The Cause Collective
Duane joined The Cause Collective in 2020. A large part of his role is to build and foster strategic partnerships and engage with key stakeholders to help influence and drive a systems change approach. He is focused on reducing risk factors for major health loss and improving health equity for Māori and Pacific communities. Prior to this, the majority of Duane’s career has been in coach education and athlete development within the sport sector from grassroots to high performance sport.
Francois Barton
Executive Director, Business Leaders’ Health & Safety Forum
Francois is the Executive Director of the New Zealand Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum – a coalition of more than 390 CEOs committed to building cultures that enable people and business to thrive. Before joining the Forum in May 2015, Francois worked in the health and safety regulator for almost 10 years, through the Pike River Mine tragedy, major health and safety ecosystem reforms and was directly involved in establishing WorkSafe NZ. During that time, he established WorkSafe’s national programme team, including the significant interventions in construction, forestry, work-related health and agriculture. Francois has spent his career working to effect change by connecting diverse groups and perspectives, reframing and redefining complex challenges and remaining anchored to the core belief that it is only by working together we will make progress.
Chelydra Percy
Chief Executive, Building Research Association of New Zealand
Chelydra joined BRANZ as Chief Executive Officer in 2013 following leadership roles within science, innovation and commercial organisations. These included Callaghan Innovation, Scion (New Zealand Forest Research Institute), the Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation and Telecom. Chelydra is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington, a Companion of Engineering New Zealand and Vice-President of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction. She is an active contributor to organisations focused on system transformation including the Construction Sector Accord as Environment Workstream lead, the Aotearoa Circle, and the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum.
Andrew McLeod
Chief Executive, Northpower
Andrew McLeod, originally from Waikato, is Chief Executive at Northpower. Andrew has more than 20+ years’ experience across the heavy engineering, water, gas and electricity utilities sectors in NZ and the UK,  including executive roles at Powerco and Vector, prior to joining Northpower in 2017. Andrew is responsible for ensuring appropriate performance across Northpower’s group of business. He is committed to the safety of Northpower’s 1250+ team and believes that strong and sustainable safety leadership, along with deliberate and continuous improvements to safety systems and processes is fundamental to business success.
Uli Thie
Technical Demonstrator, School of Design, Massey University
Uli joined Massey University’s School of Design at the College of Creative Arts in 2006. His work as Technical Demonstrator in the 3D Design Workshop is sort of being a human Swiss-army-knife for design modelmaking, teaching and design research support and coordination, workshop organization and maintenance. Being passionate about developing and teaching safe design modelmaking skills to hundreds of students, Uli is also a H+S staff representative on the Wellington campus and a TEU staff rep on Massey`s national Health and Safety Steering group. He won the 2021 New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Award H&S Rep of the year. Prior to Massey University Uli worked in Europe for 15 years as a freelance Industrial Designer on the development of consumer products for mass production (furniture, office gear, lots and lots of children`s plastic toys, etc). He is a graduate of the HFG Schwaebisch Gmuend in Germany, where he majored in Produkt-Gestaltung/Industrial Design.
Casinader Casinader
Storyteller and Mental Health Advocate
Award-winning journalist Jehan Casinader is one of New Zealand’s top storytellers. For more than a decade, he has been a familiar face on our screens, reporting for primetime shows like TVNZ’s Sunday, Seven Sharp and Close Up. He was named “Broadcast Reporter of the Year” at the Voyager Media Awards in 2020, and “Reporter of the Year” at the New Zealand Television Awards in 2018. In the aftermath of natural disasters, terror attacks, sporting triumphs and everything in between, Jehan has helped hundreds of Kiwis to share their vulnerable and deeply personal stories with the rest of the country. “Each of us has a story about who we are,” says Jehan. “But where do those stories come from? How do our stories influence our wellbeing? And how can we tell more helpful, hopeful stories about our lives?” Through challenging, inspiring keynotes, Jehan reveals how storytelling can transform every area of our life – including mental health, productivity and relationships. As a survivor of depression, he wants every Kiwi to have a hopeful, helpful story to tell. He is the author of This Is Not How It Ends: How rewriting your story can save your life (HarperCollins).
Michèle A’Court
Michèle has been working as a corporate MC and entertainer for more than 20 years – and in this current climate is using her skills as a television host (dating back more than three decades) in the online environment, giving Zoom meetings and webinars a professional flourish. Her international experience as a stand-up comedian includes work in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. She won the VAC Reilly Award for Excellence in Comedy in 2015. She regularly tours solo comedy shows around New Zealand – everywhere from opera houses to community halls. Michèle first came to the nation’s attention as the host of “What Now” in the 1980s, and has worked on screen ever since, most recently as a regular guest host on Three’s primetime show, “The Project”. She has made regular appearances on the hit comedy show “7Days” since it began in 2009. Michèle is a frequent voice on RNZ National’s “Nine to Noon” and “The Panel” and is a sought-after contributor on commercial radio. Michèle is the Patron of “The Aunties”, a grassroots charity for women and children in need

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