Deborah Pitout, Health & Safety Lead, ASB

For wellbeing strategies to be successful, they need to be supported by boards and executives. While gaining support to better understand work-related psychosocial risks (and protective factors) can be relatively straightforward, the challenges are (i) helping directors and executives understand their due diligence duty to ensure organisations prevent mental harm in the workplace and (ii) getting them to commit to the design of mentally-healthy work.

Dr Philip VossPartner, Leading Safety

Psychological health and safety is an emerging area of focus for New Zealand organisations, particularly the public sector. Due to the inherently psychologically hazardous work that public sector workers often must undertake, the capability of their organisations to systematically and effectively manage psychosocial risks is essential. This session explores key concepts of psychological health and safety and outlines a case study on how to build capability in health and safety practitioners, leaders, and Chief Executives.

 Millie ThompsonPrincipal Adviser Mentally Healthy Work, Government Health and Safety Lead

Human-centred design is at the core of health, safety and wellbeing at ASB Bank. This session will unpack the strategy and initiatives and how they are innovating to create an environment where people thrive.

We will also explore the HCD tools (Design thinking) used for learning opportunities to problem solve the ‘How Might We’ in relation to wellbeing. You will have the opportunity to utilise the HCD tools to discover innovative ways to prototype in your organisation.

Deborah Pitout, Health & Safety Lead, ASB Bank

Auckland City Mission Te Tāpui Atawhai has a Te Ao Māori approach as a foundation of its overall strategy. Rosemarie and Leon will share details of how this is brought to life in HSW offerings that aim to help staff remain psychologically and emotionally well in the face of often difficult and challenging work and behaviours.

Rosemarie Harrop, Team Leader, and Leon Witehera, Kaiwhakahaere Hub & Haeata Manager, Auckland City Mission Te Tāpui Atawhai

Mike Barnett, Health & Safety Manager, Arvida and Keri Woods, Consultant, Leading Safety

Health risks are often more complicated to explain than safety risks – when talking about them with workers and managers the challenges include the long time between exposure and symptoms, the invisibility of many health hazards, and the often highly technical nature of the risk. People’s responses range from complacency through to high levels of distress, therefore successful risk communication must consider audiences with diverse needs, address feelings, and also create channels to ask questions and express concerns. Ben shares what he has learned about communicating health risks, with lessons particularly drawn from the challenges of Covid-19.

Dr Ben JohnstonGeneral Manager, People Safety and Aviation Medicine, Air New Zealand

Burnout, whose responsibility is it? What are the risk factors that can increase the likelihood of an individual experiencing burnout at work? What are the mismatches between the worker and the environment? How can organisations, leaders and individuals identify the red flags earlier so that we can create workplaces where people burn bright not burn out.

Bridget Jelley, Workplace psychologist and Director, Glia

Deborah Pitout,  Health & Safety Lead, ASB Bank

For workers to thrive and reach their full potential with least exposure to harm, we need to create work and workplaces that focus on the physical, emotional and psychological needs of workers.

By treating risks to worker health and wellbeing in the same way as other business risks, buy-in becomes easier and initiatives become more comprehensive and ultimately more successful.

The 8th HealthyWork Conference brings together health, safety, wellbeing, HR professionals, and people leaders from across NZ for a day where we turn the theory of wellbeing into practice.

Deborah Pitout
Health & Safety Lead, ASB Bank
With 14 year’s experience in QHSE in varying risk related industries globally which ranges from Banking, Steel making, Transport and logistics to a position held at WorkSafe NZ as an Innovation Lead. I am dedicated to promoting innovative leadership by utilizing Human Centred Design techniques to solve strategic risk objectives and outcomes with the main goal of learning from everyday work and seeking opportunities for meaningful compliance deliverables. People are our solution and creating spaces for people to thrive provides the opportunity for organizations to thrive together.
Dr Philip Voss Partner
Leading Safety
Dr Philip Voss is a partner at Leading Safety, a consultancy specialising in health and safety governance, leadership, and culture. In recent years, Leading Safety has taken the lead in helping organisations create mentally-healthy workplaces.
Bridget Jelley
Workplace Psychologist and Director, Glia
Bridget is a registered Psychologist and one of the very few Coaching Psychologists here in NZ. Her passion is in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of professionals and senior executives so that they can help their workforces to thrive. Bridget’s applies her skills in psychology to the field of business enabling those who work with her to really extend themselves and reach their goals. She is experienced in educating leaders on mental health in the workplace, building resilience, assessing psychological health, professional supervision and psychological risk management. Warning, Bridget is not your typical Psychologist!
Millie Thompson
Principal Adviser Mentally Healthy Work, Government Health and Safety Lead
Millie is the Principal Adviser Mentally Healthy Work for the Government Health and Safety Lead (GHSL). She has a background in work-related mental health and wellbeing, previously working for the New Zealand Defence Force’s Integrated Wellness team and WorkSafe New Zealand to support better health, safety and wellbeing performance. Millie is passionate about supporting organisations to implement systematic and evidence-based approaches to mentally health work. This underpins the GHSL’s Mentally Healthy Work programme that Millie leads which seeks to build the psychological health and safety capability of health and safety teams and Chief Executives in public service agencies. Millie is also completing her Masters in Industrial/Organisational Psychology, focusing on psychosocial risk management in the public sector.
Dr Ben Johnston
General Manager People Safety and Aviation Medicine, Air New Zealand
Ben is an Occupational Medicine Specialist with eighteen years’ experience in the aviation industry. He was recently appointed to the role of General Manager, People Safety and Aviation Medicine at Air New Zealand, having previously been the airline’s Chief Medical Officer. Ben is an appointed member of the IATA Medical Advisory Group and current chair of the Air Transport Medicine Committee, a collaborative group of senior medical representatives from global aviation industry organisations. Ben has also previously held part-time academic roles in the University of Otago Occupational and Aviation Medicine Unit. His research publications have mostly focused on aircrew fatigue risk management, and preventive health programmes for airline pilots. Prior to joining Air New Zealand Ben spent six years in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF). Highlights during his service included leading RNZAF aeromedical evacuation responses to the tsunami in Samoa in 2009 and the Christchurch earthquake in 2011.
Mike Barnett
Health & Safety Manager, Arvida
Mike is the National H&S Manager for Arvida and has been in that position since June 2018. Mike's life in health & safety started when he decided to stop working as a Carpenter about 25 years ago and joined the Department of Labour as a H&S Inspector with OSH. Most people that knew him at that time would say that he could be considered the poacher turned gamekeeper, as he was not the safest person on the construction site. Different story now with his focus on helping workers achieve a working life that doesn’t put them at risk of harm.
Keri Woods
Consultant, Leading Safety
Keri Woods is a consultant at Leading Safety, which specialises in health and safety leadership and culture, including mental wellbeing in the workplace. Keri’s background is in HR, organisational psychology, counselling, and executive coaching. Keri is also an accredited Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey practitioner.

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