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12pm F Act 1

12.40pm F • Act 2

1.30pm F • Act 3

2.05pm F • Act 4

3.05pm $ • Act 4

4.10pm $ • Act 5

5.20pm $ • Act 6

6.30pm $ • Act 7

7.40pm $ • Act 8

9.05pm $ • Act 9

F • One Love Free      $One Love Gold Pass

12.00pm F Act 1

12.50pm F • Act 2

1.50pm F • Act 3

2.50pm $ • Act 4

4.00pm $ • Act 4

5.10pm $ • Act 5

6.20pm $ • Act 6

7.30pm $ • Act 7

8.50pm $ • Act 8

Aotearoa’s biggest reggae festival is BACK for 2022!

29-30 January (Auckland Anniversary Weekend)

1814 – House of Shem – Fiji – Katachafire – The Original Wailers – Sons Of Zion – Tomorrow People – Neisan Mystik – The Black Seeds – Ardijah – Swiss & Tree – Lion Rezz – Che Fu & King Kapisi – Tenelle – Common Unity – NLC – Kristy Erin & Mikey Mayz – TJ & Huri – DJ Jayrasik – DJ KG

Catch the action right here on live stream.

For more information visit https://onelovefestival.co.nz/

Or hit up the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/onelovefestivalnz

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